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A new backup power source for the Regional Hospital in Liberec

On Tuesday, June 28, 2022, in Liberec, we handed over and put into sharp operation the new mtu Kinetic PowerPack backup source manufactured by Rolls-Royce. The backup power supply system with an output of 1,250 kVA will provide an emergency source of electricity for the medical departments of the RH Liberec as well as individual medical devices in the event of a supply failure from the standard distribution network.

The hospital now has a high quality backup power system designed for truly key areas of critical infrastructure. In addition to the primary backup function, dynamic UPS also brings a number of other benefits. It works as compensation, as a filter of higher harmonics, thus saving costs for unused energy. It will also replace some existing UPS technologies in the premises of RH Liberec, which will be gradually decommissioned and will no longer be replaced. In the long run, it will therefore contribute to the reduction of operating costs. It also significantly eliminates possible restrictions on the operation of the hospital in terms of switching and handling, the necessary times will be shorter or not needed at all.

We are pleased that the Rolls-Royce dynamic UPS mtu Kinetic PowerPack system was used to power critical applications of the Regional Hospital in Liberec, and on behalf of the entire PRONIX team, we wish it to serve the hospital and its patients successfully.


You can also find more information on the website of RH Liberec https://www.nemlib.cz/aktualita/novy-zalozni-zdroj-v-knl/ or watch videos of handover and installation.