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Firefighters from Jílové have a new mobile diesel generator on a chassis

At the end of 2022, the firefighters from Jílové acquired a new ESE 55 TBI mobile electricity generator, which was prepared and delivered by PRONIX. The mobile diesel generator will be an important helper for the city and firefighters in crisis situations. The emergency source of electrical energy is intended for supplying key buildings in the city of Jílové. A power outage can mean an immediate threat to life or health, as well as significant material losses. The longer the outage of the energy system, the greater the consequences. JSDH Jílové commander Pavel Mošner adds: “And that’s why, as they say, when you’re ready, you’re not caught off guard, or luck favors the prepared.” We wish the firefighters and the entire city as few crisis situations as possible and that the generator will be a good helper for them.


More also on the website of the City of Jílové

Photo: JSDH Jílové archive