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We are fully aware of our position on the market and the responsibility that arises for us from business activities to society as a whole. We therefore strive for a responsible approach to our employees, customers, partners but also to the environment in which we operate.

It is a matter of course for us to comply with applicable laws and regulations, as well as other voluntary and ethically responsible activities performed beyond the scope of applicable legislation. We have adopted a Code of Conduct. We have ISO certification. We employ young talents from the ranks of graduates, but also employees of retirement age. We support a responsible approach to the environment. Every year, we also contribute funds to several carefully selected entities for their activities. Every year, our customers also help us de facto with us, accepting New Year’s wishes from us in electronic form. We prefer to spend the costs associated with printing New Year’s wishes where they really help.

Code of Conduct

Reliability, safety and responsibility are the values on which we build our goals in the long run and which our customers, suppliers, partners as well as the company and the environment in which we do business also expect from us. The purpose of the Code and the values expressed in it is not only to comply with the laws and rules of our company, but also a personal commitment to take responsibility for our actions and always act honestly, honestly and openly. The Code of Conduct therefore summarizes the most important rules of conduct.

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