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Dynamic UPS

Kinetic PowerPacks mtu series

Unique backup power system – dynamic UPS (DRUPS) – now under the trade name mtu Kinetic PowerPacks – Belgian company Rolls-Royce Solutions Liege S.A. (formerly EURO-DIESEL, later Kinolt) exactly meets the needs of high-performance applications (usually with a power input of over 1MVA), which are an unattainable goal for conventional electronic backup power supplies. This is an electric machine (not electronic) without batteries and the whole system is installed in a classic engine room with operating air conditioning. Therefore, the requirements for the installation of air conditioning units, which are necessary for rooms with conventional UPS and for battery rooms, are eliminated.

  • DRUPS (Diesel Rotary UPS) technology integrates UPS systems, a motor generator, as well as power factor compensation and a higher harmonic filter in a single unit, and thus enables the implementation of data center projects with significant savings in energy and economic losses.
  • It also minimizes space requirements.
  • Operation and operational maintenance are easy, user-friendly and cost-effective.
  • The service life of DRUPS is declared to be 25 years.

Product series

No-Break KS®4 100-200 kVA
No-Break KS®5 200-2 000 kVA
No-Break KS®5-SB 200-2 500 kVA
No-Break KS®7 2 250-2 750 kVA


Reference projects with dynamic UPS

Škoda Auto Mladá Boleslav | Czech Post | Masaryk University in Brno | IT4Innovations – National Supercomputing Center | Central dispatching workplace of SŽDC | Hospital in Liberec

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